How it all began – The Soulfeast Extravaganza

How it all began – The Soulfeast Extravaganza

Friends are like rain drops. They slowly form because of like minded attractions and chemistry. They build and build and travel across the skies gathering energy and rhythm, then they find a perfect spot to burst and play in a rainfall of joyous expression – some light and dainty, some full of passion, some sparse, some plentiful. They land with purpose to nurture, heal, awaken and collaborate with the sunshine and elements only to start the cycle all over again – back into the sky as evaporated energy to discover what the next collaboration might be. Hence my best expressed description of my splendid friendship with Shannon, my Soulfeast partner in crime.

I certainly did not intend to meet this girl on the tropical island of Maui, to then discover the love of surfing as we were both Ketchum, Idaho mountain town girls getting our game on in sports, life and love in two separate universes in this little town. As we quickly discovered, water is water and our love for playing on frozen water on our skis, skates and the likes, morphed into liquid bliss on the waves around Maui. For the two of us, the more adventurous the better!

As life unfolds, one quickly discovers that it is short and fleeting and finding joy in it only results in an effervescent spreading of joy to others – Shannon in a nut shell. One minute Shannon and I are hucking ourselves off the exposed cliffs at Honolua Bay, the next, underwater filming in a mud laden horse pond with cowgirls charging through it on their hefty stallions. How about sleeping in a haunted house in Baja, Mexico after trying to pitch a tent on a sun baked windy rural beach in the middle of nowhere? Not certain which one would have been more unpleasant, though the haunted house proved one of the  top 10 worst nights of my life! Did I mention skiing mock chicken down that 7th run of the “out of bounds” trail called Scorpion on Baldy – now that was invigorating! As a loyal friend,  I dont think twice about saying,  “Yes! That sounds fun! Why wouldn’t we?”

Living in the moment, being bright, beautiful and strong, Shannon got the idea for Soulfeast after her life took a shift and her friend invited her for a lengthy reprieve at his co-owned Playa Grande, Costa Rica resort called The Ripjack Inn to surf, teach yoga and relax. Three weeks later she came up for air – literally! The shore break waves had their way with her and her quiver of  bikinis – many went missing as a result of the rinse cycles she did or did not endure!

Shannon sent me photos and pics of all her new Costa Rican friends – mostly gorgeous surfer guys with brown soft curls and hazel eyes, and invited the notion of a surf retreat we could co-host annually. Ok……do I look stupid??? I definitely DID NOT say no and the rest is history.  The Soulfeast story has been unfolding ever since – lucky for me and lucky for all who participate in these epic and glorious adventures. Together we are inspired to explore and share our world.

“Water is the driving force in nature.” – Leonardo Da Vinci


Caroline Woodham…………

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